Spider Parka


Now biomaterials company Spiber and outdoor clothing manufacturer The North Face have joined forces to produce the Moon Parka, a jacket made from spider silk.

The Moon Parka is made from Spiber’s Qmonos fabric, a synthetic spider silk containing proteins that have been produced by bacteria with synthesised genes. Over 656 gene synthesis designs have been created during the decade of research conducted by Spiber, and the cost of producing the material is now 1/53,000 of what it once was, meaning the production is nearing commercial viability.  

The prototype, based on The North Face’s existing Antarctica parka, is currently touring Japan. The American outdoor company hopes to put the Moon Parka into production as early as 2016, promising an earth-friendly alternative to petroleum based synthetic materials and possible applications in the medical and automotive industries.



Sensodyne Mouthwash structural packaging design

Really like DCA's work on the structural packaging of Sensodyne mouthwash. They have create a clean, dynamic form which works with Interbrand's graphics and hides the structural panels with the label. The cap also provides intuitive dosing for the user.

Skin Ecosystem

In our modern world, with the rise of probiotics, DIY cosmetics, no poo products, and other natural skin care solutions, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what is means to live healthy and have healthy skin. The biohacking trend along with a shift towards more natural lifestyles, like Paleo, have lead the way for an educated population around the benefits of probiotics and supplements. Yet in this move towards DIY remedies and supplements to help rebalance health, we seem to have overlooked the very important ecosystem of the skin microbiome. Much like our gut relies on active probiotics and other gut bacteria to restore health, the biome of the skin needs to maintain certain bacteria on the skin for health.

Only Good

Love this use of Copper foil by Milk in this premium bodywash.

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